GlobalSafeGuard Ltd (GSG Ltd) is a Northumberland-UK based SME specializing in the research, design and development of temporary shelter systems that utilize patented structural technology.
GSG Ltd has worked closely with organisations such as Newcastle University based Resource Centre for Innovation & Design (RCID) and Northumbria University School of Design. These on-going relationships ensure that our products are world class and able to compete in an extremely competitive marketplace.   
GSG Ltd has in recent time been working closely with representatives of aid agencies such as the UN, UNHCR, RED CROSS and the World Bank. As part of GlobalSafeGuard Ltd (GSG Ltd) continued program of product development, field visits to several existing disaster stricken regions such as Haiti, Pakistan and Turkey are planned for 2013. This will allow the company to further research and shape the requirements for future shelter development from existing crisis situations.
GSG Ltd is currently negotiating supply contracts with a leading supplier of Humanitarian Assistance to provide shelter systems to victims of crisis in various worldwide locations.